A ship lost at sea

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We must remember all those men and woman who lose their lives a sea. Whether it be in a wreck, in a saving, during a storm or other, however they went, we must give our thoughts to them. And we must listen to the waves as they come up on shore for they hold the secrets of all those taken beneath the waves. For their ghosts are their to stay and guard others against the same fate.

A Ship Lost At Sea

Listen to the waves as they wait each in line to wash up on your shore;

Showing they care by keeping so silent;

But what have they to show;

They can only echo;

Playing their own melody;

There is a ship lost at sea.

Do you understand the tunes, and the colours they chose, when they decide to sing;

Showing they have something to share;

There’s a tempest cloud ahead;

The horizon shows red;

Can you hear the ghosts in your sleep?

There is a ship lost at sea.

Clear is the night, the lull before the storm over the sea;

The air is so still; not a breath in the silence;

We stand too late;

We have now to wait;

Think it only a bad dream;

There is a ship lost at sea.

The stars shimmer down before the darkest cloud betrays them;

Just like the curtain – preparing the stage;

Something is gone;

Never to be reborn;

Are such things really meant to be?

There is a ship lost at sea.

© Marie Milton


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