Diamond Tears

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Diamond Tears

When I was young I walked through the forest to a clearing,

And when I got there I saw what no other had seen.

I saw birds, I saw bees, I saw ripe apple trees,

There was water reflecting the scene.

To this day I have never spoken of my secret,

Such things are best left unclear.

For if I had told, the whole world would know,

And that place would soon disappear.

The next time I go to my magical place in the forest,

I’ll be sure to have someone by my side.

But I must be sure, that your mind is secure,

‘Cause this place just has to survive.

There must be somewhere, someone with a heart just as mine,

Someone who is willing to go as far as it takes.

So we can be, Everyone, Thee and Me,

And not have to bear so much at the stake.

The tears that I’ve cried for the pain of everyone in the world,

They’ll fall like diamonds, one by one into the sea.

The diamond they’ll heal, the pain we all feel,

See them as the gift to you, from me.

So who will be there for me to guide through the forest?

Who will it be to take over my work when I’m gone?

Remember you must, have a heart I can trust,

And I’ll give you a kiss as the gift to help you carry on.

© Marie Milton


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