How to Earn Money Doing Almost Nothing at All!

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Lets Start With What you Want

Maybe you just want to earn a few bucks, maybe you want to earn more, maybe you want to spend as much time on the Internet doing nothing but earning money. The Internet today is full of hundred of sites willing to pay you just to use them. I have found sites that pay you for searching on the Internet, writing, socially browsing, and even opening your mail. Everything you do on the Internet can get you paid, just for doing them. So what amount of money do you want to earn and how will this article help you?

It really doesn’t matter how much money you put into the sites I show you because in life effort equals cash. If you decide, “Hey, I’m gonna sign on here and just do whatever.” then you probably won’t earn more than a few dollars. However if you work very hard and do everything it takes to earn money then you could find yourself earning more than you imagined you could doing things you love.

Get to the Money Already!

The money you will make is not instantaneous; it will take a little time to start up. For some sites a few months, for others a few weeks. In the end you will earn money. However you must always remember that the money isn’t free. The money you earn is equal to the effort you put into earning.

The Sites and a bit on how they work

Social browsing

If you’re a fan of facebook or myspace then it might be good to go here to earn some cash. Yuwie will pay you for doing exactly what those sites are doing, not only that but you can find friendships and even love within this site’s money-filled walls. This is completely free.

How about Twitter? Do you spend butt-loads of time on there? Do you have tons of followers and would love to earn money off of them? At they will pay you just for referring others to their site using twitter. To make things better, they pay you for every follower every month. This is free but you can sign up for $1 and double your earnings.

Searching the Web

Yes, you can get paid for searching the web. For every minute you spend searching you earn $0.001 on InterADmedia. As long as you search using their search engine and as long as you are actively searching you’ll earn money.

Opening E-mails, Playing games, and taking sureys

Emails, Games, and surveys are all that SendEarnings is about. You can earn money from them in many ways from e-mails to shopping(hwat?!?). It’s a great little site that can slowly build you money over time or make you tons of money very fast; it all depends on how much “work” you put in.

Writing, Posting Videos and pictures, and all kinds of things

Several sites give you cash based on how many views you earn with your writing. I believe that the real money to be earned on the Internet rests right here, with these sites. Now I won’t go into to much detail here but I will tell you the basics so that you can start earning fast.

First, all these site depend on the viewers you generate. If you don’t generate enough then your not going to earn. In this way the quality of what you write counts. Also the activity that you put into these sites count as well. Always make sure that you spend an hour or two just browsing these other sites; you’ll be glad you did.

Helium is the site that got me started with earning online. They give you money for how well you’re rated and they also give you upfront payments for any title you write to that has 4 or less articles. The information you can find there is amazing and you will enjoy the environment.

Bukisa is an amazing way to earn money for what you write. For every thousand viewers that read an article you wrote, you will get a set money amount. Also, if you refer people toBukisa then you will earn from them as well. All this money will have you going mad.

Finally there’s Triond. A site that will pay you half of the money they earn from your articles. Like I said before work hard and you’ll earn lots.

Final Words and Some Light Advertising

Now there are hundreds of ways to earn from your writings, or the things you do on the Internet. However, you have to be committed to making money in order to do well. Even with commitment though, you may still find that you’re not generating enough income. Well, there area lot of ways to generate more views. Link together your articles, post on twitter, send e-mails to friends and family. The bottom line is, get yourself out there.

Now, I love to earn money and with the economy the way it is we all could use some cash, so, I am putting some links below to send you to my sites where I havea lot of my writings. I feel that what I write is good. So take a look, you may like it.

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