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I confess, I absolutely love on Facebook! I check every morning, just after the control of my business and e-mail. I updated almost every day, sometimes several times a day. To check before going to sleep at night – I must confess that I like Facebook! My friends and family, not a surprise for those of you who know me – and not judge before you try.

Why the love? Several reasons have been divided into two categories. Before personal reasons. Did you know that almost never missed the birthday of a friend or family member today? And I reconnected with a friend went to elementary school. In fact, more than one. Several people I went to school with people I knew 25 years ago, is incredible how many people I’m finding. I found a cousin lost the people I worked with, and a hundred children have been taught in school, who are collecting their children alone. I see that my children are doing, even if the time to call your mother, and can be proud of my grandchildren who enter their school years. It’s wonderful – I LOVE Facebook.

The second reason that I like, both for businesses. I use this to introduce the offers cruising in touch with clients and following my blogs, tweets and images. I met my coach business and have received help, advice, and may serve as a guide to industry leaders and many like-minded new friends. I found the suppliers and resources, and inspiration for owners of other small companies working their way through the joys and challenges of business ownership. I LOVE Facebook.

Some say that you really need to have two separate accounts, and perhaps they are right. I tried it and hate. I ended up mixing the two parts of my life by accident or lack of time, however, I feel more a man is the sum of its parts, so you go.

However, I have a little advice I give.

* If you’re like me and use FB as a tool for personal care and professional to maintain a decent balance. Too much information in both directions can be aggravating.
* Do not use FB as a platform for political, moral or economic. Think before you expect other adults to change their minds on one of the above discussion, no matter how eloquent.
* Be careful with the information in its list of updates. Not ashamed to give my phone to work, but almost never give my home phone or address.
* Remember that your Facebook page can be indexed by Google and Yahoo. Often my FB page than increase my web page itself. And while you’re protected against most of the information, any hacker entry level you can find a way to circumvent the safeguards, which again discretion is advised.

Just a friendly advice, some, unfortunately, I learned the hard way. Are certainly not an expert, but this is another beauty of Facebook – anyone can learn to use and enjoy the products for personal and professional. Another reason
I LOVE Facebook!


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