5 Gift ideas for women

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 If you want to make a woman really feel that a gift was bought with care buy something that will pamper her or something that will make her life easier. Women are so busy caring for everyone else, parents, husband and children, that they often put themselves at the bottom of the list. Chances are that your woman hardly ever gets a moment to herself. Believe me; every woman would like to have time to pamper herself and by giving her one of these gifts you let her know that she deserves that time all to herself.

A nail care set. There are nail care sets of various sizes and quality, as well as different price ranges. They usually have some kind of nail file, cuticle softener, a nail buffer and perhaps nail polish. Don’t be fooled, even if she doesn’t usually look after her nails, she would like to.

Bathroom goodies. Again the price range varies. You can get something simple like bubble bath from a chemist/drug store, or make it a little more special and buy a hamper from the Body Shop or a specialty soap shop. Favorite items in these hampers are soap, bubble bath, bath scrub, shower gel or some kind of massage glove for in the bath. In this way you can add items to suit your budget. You could also throw in a luxurious bath robe.

Face cream. Face creams and treatments can be very expensive, but the best bet is to buy a more expensive quality cream rather than a range of creams she won’t use. Go for a hyper sensitive, no perfume cream just to be on the safe side. This is not like body cream where anything will do, faces are different. You could also get a set of face, hand and foot cream.

Face care. These are normally sets that consist of a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. As it concerns the face get the best quality that you can and go for a well known brand like Lancôme, L’Oreal or the Body Shop. Again go for the hyper sensitive, no perfume kind. These sets come in pretty toiletry bags.

The ultimate gift is massage. It can be at home or in a massage parlor, it can be a foot massage or a full body massage, it could even be a day of pampering in a spa, any kind of massage will please a woman. If possible throw in a manicure and pedicure as well, and she will come back glowing and her batteries recharged!

When giving your gift why not pamper her yourself with a long back rub and some one on one attention. Attention is really the best gift to give.


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