Nokia 5500 Belive in better

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The phone market has been crying out for an update of the bomb-proof 5140i, a phone which was protected all round by rubber casing and could literally be bounced around without fear of breaking. With that in mind, Nokia have released the 5500 Sport Edition which is aimed at the same active users, however with much better features.

Using the same operating system as the Nokia N-Series, the Nokia 5500 is hailed as the first smartphone to be aimed at a wider market. The low price of the handset looks set to be a winner with both the consumer and business markets, with the phone literally capable of doing everything.

The main feature of the handset, apart from the stainless steel body designed to withstand knocks, dust and water splashes, is the tappable screen. This does exactly what it says on the box, one tap of the screen accesses different features depending which of the three modes – phone, music and sport – you are currently in. For example, the 5500 supports text-to-speech, so tapping the screen twice when you receive a text message reads it out to you. This highlights the emphasis on sport, enabling users to be on the move and be able to listen to messages without stopping to look at their phone. The handset also has an ‘instant swap’ key, allowing the phone to quickly jump between modes.

The sport mode comes complete with a pedometer which can count either steps taken or calories burnt – again highlighting the emphasis on the sport side. The phone can also display both the speed and distance of your current excursion, allowing you to chart your progress on the road to fitness. The tappable screen also comes into play here, allowing date of the current exercise session to be read out without having to watch the display. You can also set exercise records and plan sessions in advance using the exercise diary, as well as including several fitness tests to give you something to aim for.


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