Is it Worth Writing for Bukisa? Part-1

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Is it Worth Writing for Bukisa?  Part-1

Is it a worthwhile effort to write for bukisa? Isn’t this the first question you asked yourself when you heard about bukisa? My invitation to join came from a friend who told me about the innumerable benefits of joining the site.

 After giving a careful thought I decided in favour of joining bukisa and put my writing skills to a test. I am still struggling to establish myself as an online writer. I joined the site thinking that I’ll have some platform to begin and bukisa has given me a decent foothold. A novice that I am; it was purely for the pleasure, love, joy and satisfaction which I derive from writing that I considered the offer. I have submitted five articles till date .It definately adds to my ‘feel good quotient’ to see my articles published on the prestigious ‘world wide web’. Being a new member the earnings are not very high, but I really love to see them increase every day. I really don’t mind a few extra bucks.

 I want to express myself, just share my thoughts and be read. I believe that if I’ve enjoyed writing an article people will surely enjoy reading it. The best thing about bukisa is that they give you full freedom to write. There are no strict guidelines to be followed. One can write just about anything on this planet. I am liking it .So far so good. Yes, I feel it’s worth joining bukisa. Just give it a try Happy writing.


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