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When writing articles that are posted on blogs and websites your aim is to retain your visitors interest building up a connection so that they will return to your site or buy something from you.

Instead of just writing one post and then set about writing many unique articles for article directories, wouldn’t it be easier to sit and put in writing one very good article that contains all the information essential about the theme of the article that will embrace and hold on to the attention of visitors on your site. Then by using software you can submit many more unique non duplicate content articles to article directories?

It is the purpose that this article will chat about one practice where you can put in writing one article and then by means of magic article rewriter software, to spin that very same article, not on one occasion, not two times but hundreds of times ensuring that every one on its own spun article will be only one of its kind and contain no reproduced content.

You can use software for numerous applications such as RSS and Article directory submissions that takes away the quantity of time necessary to submit hundreds of feeds or articles. By using software it will save time and also saves effort for your to reproduce further articles all based on your original post at your site.

Magic Article Rewriter is such a sample of software that will change any article into various articles that have all only one of its kind content. One of these spun articles can then be submitted to one individual article directory, the second spun article to the next article directory and so on. Each article directory will have one unique article focused on the subject matter of the first article.

At this point by changing each word the software will choose one word from the code randomly and then insert that word into a new fresh non duplicate and original content article. The additional words you spin the more variations the software can construct of one article ensuring unique genuine content.

The beauty of this software is that you can now spin your original article as numerous times as you like. Every one article will be unique and can be used on blogs, article directories, pdf files or any other article repository.

Spinning hundreds of articles, the software will place the articles into one folder on your computer for easy access. Then when you go to each article directory you take one article and submit, the next directory submit the next article and so on.

You are then left with hundreds of articles on the internet every one containing two anchor text backlinks to your site. The possibilities are never-ending where you are in total control spinning articles that make sense when read by a human person.

Magic article rewriter software saves time and works correctly for its applications. The site can be found at


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