Hasn’t Marriage become a business deal ?

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                                Marriage has indeed become a business deal

Once upon a time, women were not even reasonably educated  in India and they made  excellent wives – caring, obeying an d worshipping the husband as a god. Not any more, I’m afraid.  They have become suddenly clever  and have developed a Financial Tail in them;  mind you even the semi educated women  have worked out a trick of sorts. They know the current law on Marriage and Divorce, in fact inside out, and would love to make use of the loop holes in it. What’s the real purpose, you would  feel like asking.

             Some women want to lead a luxurious life, luxurious par excellence.  They are not all that beautiful but only moderate but  full of grey matter. On their own, they can’t make money –  everyone cannot become a software engineer and mint money, but they want all the best things in life.  How to achieve it?  Simple.  Put the name in the matrimonial column.  And surely some goonks would apply including the famous NRIs (Non residential Indians), who work abroad and come to India in search of brides.  Get married in style, enjoy life for a while and apply for a divorce on some pretence. The terms of divorce are very favourable to the women., in that, the ex-husband has to give her an alimony of an amount consistent with  the status she was used to during marriage, a house to live in and what not.  Great, isn’t it?

            She knows the taste of  Man and bed life !  Now single with a first class flat and a regular income for which she doesn’t have to work  she would need some fun. So, she could make herself a call girl to business  men clients staying in high profile hotels  on the side to enhance her income. She could drink, smoke, visit 5 star restaurants, drive her own car.  Presto !.  “This is life, my girl” she would advise the other bachelor girl friends.  “Go and get married on a short term basis.  There are several fools around, who would fall for your style and polish thinking that they would develop a solid family  and all. But do make sure that you don’t get pregnant during those 8 or nine months. OK?”

           There are several such cases.  One “homely type of woman” married a famous film star and sought an alimony of one hundred thousand rupees per month for life  (whereas her living standard was tuned to a mere five thousand !) as divorce alimony.The Indian law  system is that the Man is the provider and he has to support a wife with his income. Women take advantage of this clause.

           And here is the case of a clever girl.  She had acquired a very loving husband. and  a gem of a man at that.  Normal  Indian  maidens would adore such a man.  But not our villain. She was looking for some shortcomings in the man, including violence, drunkenness, philandering etc. But he had none of these.  Her small little conscience told her not to tell lies in the court.  Not finding any of the accepted causes for a divorce, she thought of a crude route. “He uses bad words, calls me names, always complains  about my looks and make up and so on.”  The lady was hopeful that the Family court would grant her the famous divorce with a large maintenance allowance.

          Alas no ! The court rejected the reasons as silly and childish.  “In a family life especially when there is a quarrel, one could  use harsh words not amounting to be abusive, out of anger and frustration and so on.  But these are no grounds for Divorce.  Case dismissed….. with an advice that the wife should adjust to the moods of her husband and live with him.  No alimony or allowance…”

         The ambitious cunning  wife is back to square 1. How is the  scheming young lady faring in the second phase of her life?  Well, we have to wait and see.  For all you know she might reform, regret her folly, fall at her husband’s feet, seek forgiveness  and become a true Indian wife, for all you know.


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