Five Mind-Blowingly, Life-Alteringly Strange and Wonderful Photography Sites

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The first, most well-known of my five is Chema Madoz. Chema Madoz worked during the heyday of surrealism, and hung out with Dali. The thing to keep in mind is that Madoz was doing every bit of this with film, and in the darkroom. Yes:


El/il/le/the second is Peter Funch. Pretty interesting to look at these and think: “Oh, maybe it wouldn’t be absolutely terrible if we all had more in common.” Series begins with some predictable, but well-executed images, and moves on to become more layered (but equally well-executed). Yes:


Meet w00kie. w00kie is on flickr, and w00kie spends a lot of time making neat-looking things like this. This one isn’t about the photography, it’s about a swell idea that w00kie took some pictures of. Yes:


Ralph Brunner serves up a lil bit o’ wonderful depressing. Timeline/series depicting something that none of us want to happen, but worth viewing, and worth learning something from. Awareness is art, and art isn’t always cheerful. Yes:


Somewhere in Russia, Alex Andreyev is probably having a really strange dream. Judging by his images here, it’s a rich, detailed cousin to Miyazake’s sketches for his films: fantastic machines, machines that we know already, machines that have been filtered through deep sub-conscious and placed back into optic reality. Not even kidding. Yes:

Honorable Mention (maybe next time)- 

Interesting photo-journal, interesting insights, decent portfolio. The ‘photo of the day’ series begins to draw an enveloping blueprint of a life, and path crossing around and through it. Yes:


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