How Bankruptcy Can Save Your Sanity

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 Bankruptcy Experience

Before the present global financial slowdown I had a thriving construction business and my wife and i also had a realty business and things were going really great.Of course like many americans I was loaded with credit card debt and and spending money like it would never end.

It actually felt like the good times could go on forever because I had been in business for 15 years without even ever having any financial problems.If you want more details about bankruptcy just click on one of the ads by this article because I am not going into detail on bankruptcy laws and chapters,I am just sharing my personal story.

When the construction and realty meltdown started I thought that it was just temporary so i just kept living off of savings thinking it would turn around.

A year later things went from bad to worse.I had creditors calling daily and i was getting frustrated with the whole financial picture.It finally occured to me that i was not going to regain the lifestyle i had before so I knew it was time to find out my options to stop the creditors from calling.

I contacted a few bankruptcy attorneys and deciced to make an appointment with them.The lawyer explained in detail the proper chapter of bankruptcy I would need to file and I did not have the funds to pay him in full so we set up an extremely afordable payment plan,I gave him 50$ and i was able to use his services from that moment on.

The first thing the bankruptcy lawyer did for me was to give me a phone number so when the creditors called they would get this number and by bankruptcy law they would no longer be able to keep calling my phone any more.

After about 1 month of giving this bankruptcy attorneys number to creditors my phone finally stop ringing from all the creditors calling and i was no longer scared to answer it.It was such a relief to stop all the annoying and frustrating calls.I wish i would have acted sooner and started the bankruptcy procedure earlier.

It has been over a year and a half now and i am still sending the bankruptcy lawyer about 50 dollars a month and we will soon get the court filing in place and everything will be over,but if i had not contacted him I would still be in a world of stress and depression.

If you are experiencing a similar financial burden I would highly recommend calling a bankruptcy attorney before you lose your sanity.You will get a good nights sleep as soon as you have his card in your wallet and it is worth every penny you have to pay him.Here is a link for a bankrupycy attorney with a free consultation over the phone.

Dont let lack of money ruin your life any longer. Call Today.


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