An inside Look At Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Club

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Ewen Chia, The Super Affiliate



Ewen Chia is the nations top rated,top income producing SUPER AFFILIATE.

I recently joined his Super Affiliate Training Club and I could not believe how much information he makes available to you.The reason I decided to join his club is because I wanted to learn from the best in the business.This article is about a peek into his club as a member and what you can expect to gain If you decided to join.The abundance of information he provides could fill a whole book so I will just mainly focus on the most significant points.

Here are the 5 main reasons why anyone, whether you are new to affiliate marketing,or even if if you are already making some money online,or even if you want to get started online but dont know how, should join, and you will also learn why his training model smokes the rest of the other internet programs.

Reason # 1  It is very easy to get started right away,with or without experience.

Reason # 2  You dont have to be a computer nerd to understand the information,he breaks everything down in a series of videos,you dont even need a website,he will show you step by step how to build your own And he will give you a simple formula for a money making site.

Reason # 3  There is no need for your own product to sell,he will show you how to promote other vendors products,and how they will pay you tons of money by using his simple formula.

Reason # 4  You will not need to spend a lot of money setting up your site,All you will need is a domain name and hosting, and the desire to make a ton of cash.He will take you step by step and show you how and where you can get started easily and affordably.

Reason # 5  There is no need for all things that make business a pain in the butt.No employees,no office, no inventory-just you and your computer and your pet if you have one to keep you company while you start your online empire.

The first thing you will notice when you join are his 5 modules.

MODULE # 1 Ewen’s Affiliate Blueprint.This is the complete picture and strategy to starting your own successful affiliate empire.

If you adhere to his first module, you will get proven results,the rest of the modules are there to build on module 1 and build up your knowlege, confidence and cash flow.

MODULE # 2 This section is where you will find all the training videos,and he will show you exactly how to use module 1,and so much more.

Download, learn and apply the videos. This is meant to ‘show’ you exactly what to do to implement module #1, and more.He has way over 100 super informative videos that you can study until you get it right, with every topic you can possibly imagine, from how to use your computer for installing files and downloads,graphics,etc.Too many items to list. I consider myself a computer dummy so this section really helps me a bunch.His videos also go into detail on many strategies and topics.Here are just some of the videos you will have access to.

Traffic Techniques,Internet Marketing Dictionary,Passive Income Secrets,

Google Adwords Basics,Facebook Social Ads Secrets,

Social Bookmarking Traffic,Social Networking Traffic,

“No Sales System” Course, Hubpages Demystified,

Real World Physical Products, Stumble Upon Demystified,

Kaboodle, Twitter, Craigslist Profits Unleashed,

Bum Marketing Demystified, Seo strategies, article marketing, autoresponders,blogging , and many many more topics.

MODULE #3 This section covers continuos education to turn you into a super affiliate.And you get all this training for a small monthly fee. The very first week that I joined his program I made my first sale by following his strategies,so I firmly believe in his program.Prior to joining his SUPER AFFILIATE CLUB I had a website for 6 months and no sales.

MODULE # 4 This section contains instant,complete,turnkey businesses and are available for you to set up new streams of income and are totally free. He also gives you new niches every month.He gives only top notch businesses to his members only and he pays 1000 dollars each month to create them.A serious value for the small monthly fee.

MODULE#5 He also gives you at least 300 dollars of private label and resale rights products each month for free and you can turn around and sell them and keep all the money.
Plus he also gives you unanounnced bonuses each and every month.Once again 100% FREE for members to help you with your education and personal use.
I have spent more money every month then the monthly fees he charges on ebooks and ppc ads etc. and had no luck whatsoever before joining his club. That has all changed for the better and now I have money coming in instead of going out.


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