My Dog Sunny

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This is a little story about my dog sunny. He is a maltese with an attitude and he is over 12 years old.When I first saw him at the pet store he was as cute as any dog could be.My kids were real young then and sunny just instantly fell in love with them and we also knew that he had to be part of the family. I purchased him for 700 dollars and we took him home with us.It was a week before christmas and we had a nice tree in the living room.

I was still trying to house train him and he would slip up now and then and leave me unwanted presents under the christmas that i look back i remember he stopped going in the house after the tree was gone.He still loves christmas time because i think he associates that time of year when we gave him a home.Every year he goes under the tree and starts sniffing the presents and when we open them he acts like the presents are his.Of course i always make sure he gets a few presents and is is so funny to watch him tear the paper off so he can get his toy.

I almost lost him forever one time about six years ago. I was going out of town with my family and i decided to put him in a boarding kennel for the weekend.The next day i got a call from the vet saying that sunny got out of his cage and then dug his way under two fences. They saw him and started chasing after him but he got away.

I rushed home and started looking for him but he wasnt to be found. The next day we put up flyers and kept looking for him.This went on for five days and I was extremely depressed.Finally after the fifth day i told my wife that i was going to find him and that i wasnt coming back untill i found him. I went back to the street that the kennel was on and kept walking around and calling his name.About midnight i was near a gas station and the store was closed and he heard me and came out of the woods crying like a little baby.We were so happy to see each other and i picked him up and took him home.and now he wont let me out of his sight.

A dog is definitely a mans best friend.


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