A Guide To A Healthy And Happy Relationship

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How do you feel about your current relationship?

Do you work on building your bond or just letting your relationship slowly deteriorate?

If you are reading this article then the chances are that you and your partner have taken an emotional bumpy downhill ride and heading for a disaster.
This can all turn around but you both have to put in a little extra effort.

Most couples want to live a harmonius way of life but often times trust, pride,egos,habits and different needs or goals get in the way.In order to have a successful relationship,positive interaction and communication have to be in place. This helps to build confidence and trust in each other and strenghtens your bond.

Both of you must be able to communicate what you have in mind with no misunderstandings and without emotions getting in the way.
Honesty is an important factor in how your relationship will progress,
but most of the time honesty has to be treated with caution ,
and requires good public relation skills,
so as not to open up the emotional hurt that can transpire if not done properly ,
and the process is more effective if you both agree to try to an open mind before hand.

Financial conditions are usually a hot spot when it comes to relationships,therefore it is imperative that both of the partners use frugal spending habits
and strive to work together to budget properly
and this allows the two of you to have something elsein common.Spontaneous
spending is a recipe for disaster and should be avoided complete.When it comes to financial planning I always remember the old saying ( IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN YOU PLAN TO FAIL).

Arguments are a part of any relationship. It is a method of getting to understand issues from other peoples’ perspective.
But how well you resolve the argument is a gauge of how healthy the relationship can be.

But by no means should violence or abuse exist in a relationship.If you find yourself in an abusive relationship You should take action and start planning a discreet exit and if you need to avoid confrontation you can get the police involved prior to the exit piont as a way to diffuse the situation.

No matter how short a time you have to be together, make sure it is regular. You can take a walk together in the evenings, hold hands and focus on the interesting aspects of the day. Plan together for the home, education,finances, vacation, etc. You will be amazed at how close the two of you will become. Be creative in your discussions and avoid being a bore.

You have to have time for sexual intimacy as often as you can.

Sexual intimacy forms the strongest bond and a lack of it results in suspicions from your partner.The act of Intimacy itself even without sex is also a powerful way to improve and sustain a happy relationship.


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