What are The Symptoms of Virus Infection on Your Computer

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Today, we generally use internet and the other networks on our computers. The more we surf sites and download stuffs, the more become the chances of the computer to get infected from viruses. Even if we use antiviruses, the computer somehow gets infected from one of the million new developed viruses everyday. The problem is, when the computer is infected mildly and does not create a major shut down/ crash, we are not able to detect it. If the infection is detected at proper time, then we can save many of our valuable files and folders from being infected further. A virus when enters a computer, tries to spread as much as possible. One must be aware of its symptoms in order to avoid the damage that can be caused to the computer. Some symptoms of infected computers are listed below. By these symptoms, you can recognize an infection:

  • One or more program stops responding frequently. Uninstalling and then reinstalling the program does not fix the problem.
  • One of the partitions disappears completely.
  • A program disappears suddenly but you haven’t uninstalled it.
  • Computer runs slowly and takes a lot of time to start.
  • The file which you recently opened has now double extension like .doc.exe, .jpg.avi etc.
  • The antivirus is disabled and it cannot be re-installed or restarted.
  • Error of out-of-memory occurs, even if the computer has plenty of available RAM.
  • Strange sound plays from the computer’s speaker suddenly.
  • New icons appear on the desktop, but they do not correspond to any installed programs.
  • Strange dialog or message boxes appear suddenly.

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