Top 10 Horror Movies

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Year of release: 1960

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

A girl Marion Crane in Phoenix is fed up with her life. She has to secretly meet her lover Sam during the lunch breaks. Sam has to give money to his ex-wife as alimony. One day Marion’s employer gives her $40,000 with trust to deposit it to the bank. But Marion picks up the opportunity & leaves for California for Sam’s store. But due to storm, she has to move to Bates Motel which was nearby the highway. There was a young man Norman who was the owner of the Motel and dominated by his mother. The twists start from now.

2. The shining:

Year of release: 1980

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Jack Torrance was appointed as the custodian of an isolated hotel in the mountains of Colorado. Jack went with his family there. During the winter, the hotel was closed and they were the only family to remain there. Mr. Grady, who was the former custodian of the hotel is said to have killed his wife and two daughters there. Gradually something went wrong there which made Jack crazy. His son Danny has a telepathic gift called The Shining. Using this gift, he started to explore the hotel’s past.

3. The Exorcist:

Year of release: 1973

Director: Wiliam Friedkin

A visiting actress lived in Washington DC with her 12 year old daughter, Regan. Regan was changing day by day. It was behavioral as well as physical. She went to one of the top priest of Georgetown named Father Merin. He examined Regan and concluded that she was possessed and decides to help her out.

4. Les Diaboliques:

Year of release: 1955

Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot

Christina was the wife of the headmaster of a boarding school. Nicole Hower, a teacher of the boarding school, was his mistress. The headmaster used to treat both of them very badly. Then Christina and Nicole united to kill him and made a plan. They made him to go to Nicole’s cheap lodge where he drank a lot. They then drowned him in a bath tub and later threw the body in the school’s swimming pool. But when the pool was drained, no corpse was found. The mysterious events began to happen.

5. Alien:

Year of release: 1979

Director: Ridley Scott

A commercial space vehicle Notromo while returning back to Earth received an SOS by a nearby planet. The crew members started exploring the planet after landing there. There was a hive colony of unknown creatures there. In a chamber there were thousands of eggs. When they got disturbed, the parasite attacked one of the crew members and he became unconscious. Everybody came back to their ship to return to earth when they came to know that the message was not an SOS but a warning message. When the man became awake, the parasite emerged and created a hell of events.

6. The innocents:

Year of release: 1961

Director: Jack Clayton

In Victorian England, the tutor of children of a mansion Flora and his brother hired a governess, Miss Gidens for them. She used to live there with full independence. But the former governess Miss Jessel and housekeeper Peter Quint, who were dead, were now haunting the innocent children.

7. The Thing:

Year of release: 1982

Director: John Carpente

A group of American people made a scientific expedition to frozen wastes of the Antarctic. They were interrupted by mad Norwegians. One day, a helicopter chasing a dog crashed near their camp. The Americans gave shelter to the dog without knowing about the problems they are going to face. The dog used to mutate and attack others at night. It was an Alien creature.

8. Night of the Living Dead:

Year of release: 1968

Director: George A. Romero

The recently deceased came to life when a satellite of NASA returning from Venus irradiated the graveyard. The zombies fed on flesh. The people there barricaded themselves in a farmhouse. The only way to kill the zombies was to kill their brains.

9. The Man Who Laughs:

Year of release:


The cruel King James-II sent a nobleman Lord Clancharlie to exile and sold his son Gwynplaine to gypsies Comanchicos. They carved a permanent smile ion Gwynplaine’s face and abandoned him. Once in a snowy winter, he found a baby girl. Later in life Gwynplaine and the grown up girl named Dean who was blind presented many successful plays. But problems were waiting for them. Gwynplaine refused to marry her. Also his origin was disclosed by the evil jester Barkilphedro. This evil jester had many plans in his mind.

10. Låt den rätte Kamma in:

Year of release: 2008

Director: Thomas Alfredson

A 12 year old boy Oskar was always bullied by his friends. He always wanted to take revenge but failed. Oskar loved a girl named Eli. Eli was very peculiar. She wasn’t able to stand the sun and food. She gave strength to Oskar to take revenge against his friends. Later Oskar came to know that Eli feed only on blood. This was the point where Oskar had to choose between his love and an evil.


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