How to remove dark circles?

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Dark circles appear around the eyes mainly due to lack of proper sleep. Sometimes, it is also caused due to lack of proper nutritional diet. Dark circles can be sometimes hereditary.

There are many home made remedies which can be use to remove dark circles. But while applying them one has to be very careful as the area around the eyes is very sensitive. Also, one has to be very careful so that the pack does not enter the eyes.

  1. Adequate sleep: This is the most important thing in order to remove dark circles. One must have at least 8 hours of sleep everyday.
  1. Plenty of fluid: Drink plenty of fluid everyday. Fluids should be healthy beverages, juices and water. Drink lots of water (at least 2 lts) everyday.
  1. Balanced diet: Have balanced diet. Include lots of green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Put stress on those foods which are rich in iron, as it will help a lot to get rid of dark circles.
  1. Tea water: Use chamomile teabags. Put the teabag in boiling water. Allow cotton balls or cotton cloths to apply the tea water to the affected area.
  1. Cucumber Juice: Extract the juice of cucumber. Apply it using cotton balls for about 20 minutes.
  1. Potato juice: You can do the same thing using potato juice also. Potato juice acts as good bleaching agent.
  1. Pack: Make a pack of milk powder and honey and apply it around the eyes. It will help to get rid of dark circles.
  1. Eye care products: Use some good branded under eye gel to be applied at night.
  1. Protection: Always use some good branded sunscreen and wear sunglasses before going out in sunlight.
  1. Make up: This is the instant way to conceal dark circles instantly.

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