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Have you been clipping coupons or looking for them online? Here’s help from an online bargain bonanza, CouponChief, a website to share with your coupon clipper friends. As a savvy online shopper you know you can save hundreds of dollars shopping with promotional codes. You also know that if you look for coupons and deals online you may find them fast. At you can do both at the same time and also earn money for adding coupon information to their large searchable database of coupon information. CouponChief has a large searchable database of merchants, deals and coupons. CouponChief helps you keep track of your transactions easily, too. While you’re shopping online you can also search for deals and coupons. You can also get email alerts about coupons from merchants of your selection. Uploading coupon information is a snap.

You’ll be a CouponChief insider, too. You can sign up for the free newsletter to get coupon scoops by typing your email address in the form on the home page. More shopping, saving, coupon and earning information is available at the CouponChief blog. CouponChief also has a Google Group. You can send coupons to your friends, share them at networks and add comments about them on the CouponChief website.   

You earn money for the use of coupons you submit. You can earn 2% of the sales made at participating merchants. You can also earn money for using the coupons yourself. Your coupon submission, browsing and earning information will be conveniently available on the website, too. Whether you’re a coupon collector or not, you’re doing these things anyway and you’ll save more time and money with CouponChief and earn money all at one convenient centralized location.

Your earnings can be withdrawn into your PayPal account when you have more than $25 in your available balance. You can also request a check payment. Your earnings are available 30 days after the transactions are processed. Coupons, bargains and discounts are popular search terms on the Internet, too. So your easy to use referral links and widgets will be very handy, helping you to earn more money online with coupons.

The revenue plan is based on the usage of coupons you submit online. It is easy to add your coupons. You type the store’s name and the amount of the discount and the coupon code in the online submission form. You can also add the expiration date.

The website is set up for ease of use and convenience shopping. A video tutorial is available on the home page to tell you about CouponChief. It is easy to shop and make purchases with the coupons, too. Online merchants can add their information and get more online business. RSS Feed and Share buttons are on the home page.


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