A Great Port City!

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Did you know that “Casa” in Spanish means House and “Blanca” means White so Casablanca means White House?  This port city; one of the largest artificial ports in the world, with a population of over 3.1 million people, is located on the Atlantic Ocean, in the western part of Morocco, in North Africa.

Casablanca has a historic background that is quite interesting. In the 19th century Casablanca’s population increased rapidly as the city became a large supplier of wool to the textile industry in Great Britain, in 1930, Casablanca hosted the Grand Prix, and in 1943, during World War II, Casablanca hosted the “Casablanca Conference” where Churchill and Roosevelt met and discussed the war in great detail.

Casablanca’s climate is cool and refreshing with currents from the Atlantic Ocean creating Mediterranean temperatures; warm and pleasant in the summer, and mild and rainy in the winter, no wonder the 1942 movie “Casablanca,” was set in Casablanca and featured the famous piano song: “As Time Goes By.”

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