A Cute Seaport Village

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Guayaquil is a distinct seaport, and Ecuador’s largest city. Although the climate is extremely hot, tourists enjoy this Caribbean city for the music, which is mostly tropical in nature, and the tasty seafood.

A Spanish Conquistador by the name of Francisco de Orillia founded this city on July 25th, 1538, even though Guayaquil itself already existed as a small and quaint native village.

Parks such as the “Penas” and “Malecon” have been built all over the city of Guayaquil, attracting a lot of tourism. The city also has about 20 malls Via Samborondon” being the most famous.

Other newly renovated attractions to visit on foot which are near the major hotels are:

  • The “Malison Del Salado” waterfront park with breathtaking sunset views and scrumptious restaurants.

  • The “Malison Simon Bolivar” park with beautiful gardens and gift shops.

  • A recently renovated downtown with museums such as the “MAAC” and the “Presley Norton” museum.

  • Enjoy the “Salinas” beaches, the fishing and surfing, whale-watching in June from September, and fun boat rides up and down the “Rio Guayas” river.

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