Great Ideas for Vacations

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The greatest of vacations are barely found in your general area, because you already know the area well, and the foods and sights are all too familiar to you and your family and friends.  The greatest vacations are usually the ones that take you to places where you have always wanted to go, like The Rocky Mountains or the Ocean, or sites that you have always wanted to see, like the Northern Lights or the Tidal Bore in Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy shorelines.  Places like Death Valley for camping and hiking, or Yellowstone National Park for the geysers and the wildlife, will fill your vacation with shock and awe, to borrow a phrase from G. W. Bush.

One great vacation that is often overlooked is the backyard, which can be the site for a great vacation, or stay-cation.  The kids can learn about sleeping in tents, and preparing, cooking and eating campfire meals and snacks.  They learn to listen to their elders when in the wilds, and are taught about nature and all of it’s glory.  Anytime children learn, or family and friends bond, it was a great vacation.

Great vacations are the ones that are remembered most fondly.  A camping trip in the Rocky Mountains, fly fishing in mountain streams, swimming in cold, mountain lakes, and hiking on pristine trails is one that will be remembered with great pride.  The Rocky Mountains are one of the most popular vacation destinations, besides the ocean or the Grand Canyon.

When eco-tourist attractions are visited, like zip-lining over the top of a rain forest, or white-water rafting down a boiling, violent river, the vacation is remembered as one of the greatest in terms of excitement, and competing with nature.  Treacherous hikes down the sides of majestic canyon walls, swimming under magnificent waterfalls, or camping in the remotest of areas are all parts of great vacations that will be remembered fondly for the rest of the lives of all included.

Where one family or family member may prefer to vacation at an isolated beach, a remote island paradise or tropical resort, whale watching ventures or swimming with dolphins, another family or family member may prefer a quiet vacation, camping in the wilderness where no other people are around for miles, and the night sky is alive with stars.  Planning ahead, and making sure that all involved enjoy the idea of the vacation’s destination makes for a much more pleasant vacation, as well as the after-vacation stresses.

A truly great vacation is one where all that are involved have a great time, and get along with everyone else.  When things go bad, like a snake bite or allergic reaction can cause a trip to the nearest hospital for a day or two’s break from the vacation, but with a good sense of humor, all obstacles can be overcome.

Enjoy your vacation!


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