This Paradise Island is Not Hawaii

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Nosara is truely a paradise for tourists who want to have open spaces, blue waters and serenity!

All travel agents who will purchase low-priced tickets from consolidator wholesalers, and make international travel reservations with great discounts for you, recommend places such as Nosara, so that you can save and spend more money during your stay in Nosara Beach or any other global destination of your choice.

Central America, Costa Rica included, in 1821declared their independence from Spain, and that was when the Central American republics came into existence.  Nosara is a beach area close to the city of Guanacaste, in Costa Rica, famous for its surfing and yoga, and where the sophisticated traveler goes to relax and enjoy nature and true serenity.

Nosara is also a little town with hotels, resorts and restaurants, were most tourists stay and one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets; an isolated paradise that is hidden and can only be reached by going through an unpaved road that goes to the town of Samara.

European travellers always enjoy the tranquil sense of nature and the calmness that encompasses the environment.  Fishing and boating tours take place everyday and many visitors have recommended the small quaint restaurants around the village.

The first time visitor to beautiful Nosara Beach will feel the silky and tropical solitary environment which is also very pristine and quiet.  This beach, with hundreds of acres of forest and trees, and which has been under protection of its Spanish speaking citizens, can claim to be an untouched spot of Costa Rica’s natural habitat, where the monkeys and turtles live, and the local inhabitants make sure they keep the beaches clean and spotless. You can go snorkeling and visit the life of the fish in the deep oceans there.

Many people who get married also go to Nosara beach for their honeymoon because of its serenety and beauty.  It’s also a great place to meet international tourists from all over the world, in case you are single!

So get your discounted tickets to Nosara Beach as soon as you can by making your reservation and fly into “Nosara Beach” airport in Costa Rica-Central America. There are many online travel agency with service that specializes in reduced international airfare and excellent customer service.  Have lots of fun!


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