Overcoming Depression

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It was a cool Thursday evening in May of 2004 when I had my last full belly-cramping laughter. I can still remember it vividly – it happened at the family home when my mother was alive and well. Actually it was what Mama said that evening which caused this bout of laughter.

Shortly afterwards, she broke her feet and was admitted in the hospital where she later died. My depression started instantly, as Mama was my best friend. I found out that I was HIV positive nearly two years after her death and I remained in depression. I was prescribed an anti-depressant which I never took.

During this stage I contemplated taking my life but I used the Word of God against the enemy. Depression is not of God – happiness, peace and love is what God wants for all of us. Depression is a dark world that no one should be in.

From September 2006 to July 2008, I lost everything and being so depressed with no one to help me, I was frustrated. One Tuesday in August of 2008 I turned to God pouring my heart to him asking Him please to assist me in gaining employment. My prayer was answered a couple of hours later.

At my new place of employment there is weekly devotion. God not only provided me with a job but He sent me to a place where I will learn about him and re-gain my self confidence. I recommitted my life to God and I have not regretted doing so. Whenever I look in the mirror I am amazed at what God has done for me and so I am always giving Him all the praise and thanks. I am not only thankful to him but to those He sent inside my life to help me grow. God is Awesome.

We all go through our bouts of depression. It has been inside this world from biblical days, but it is how we work to remove it from our life that is important. In 1 Samuel Chapter 1 we saw where Hannah was in depression when she was unable to conceive. She overcame it when she learned to trust God. There is nothing too big for God to do; seek his face and leave your problems in his capable hands.

God has never left us but we sometimes leave Him; but just like the prodigal son we can go back home. Open your heart to Him; He will do what you are depending on the medication to do for you. Just transfer your faith to God.

No matter what the circumstances, God will do it for you once you learn to believe, trust and have faith in Him. Hannah was able to conceive when she practiced these three. I challenge you to read this wonderful story and when you pray ask God to give you the Spirit of Hannah.


Heavenly Father, YOU are worthy to be praised. There is no God like you. Your Glory shines and your wonders are plentiful. As I come in your presence Heavenly Father I ask you to remove this spirit of depression from my life. I know this is not of you because you are God of Love, Peace and Happiness. I believe that my change has come and that through my faith I am delivered.

Thank you for your Grace and Mercy for the blood that was shed on Calvary. All these I ask through Jesus Christ. Amen

I leave Psalm 42:5 and Psalm 46:1 with you. Read and pray believing that your change has come.

God Bless and Keep You.


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