RuneScape: Where to Immidiately Contact a Mod

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So you have a question and you need an expert to answer it. Why not ask a mod? Someone is breaking a rule, why not come to a mod? But where do you find a mod? There is a special clan chat where you can have fun with mods and Jmods for fun!

“Hi Guys.

Well here is something new and original. blk_1.gif

Kindly planned and thought out by MrsWetlander and the support of the P-Mods.

Here in CM we are excited about this opportunity for both players and P-Mods to get together and have fun.

P-Mods and F-Mods are all very Community focused and this gives all of you the chance to get together in the events posted here.

Thanks to MrsWetlander for all her hard work and enjoy everyone!”

-JMOD Seven

I Introduce “Rs Outreach”. A special clan chat where Jmods and Pmods hang out with regular players with loads of events and just a place to hang out. This is how you do it.


1. Go to the clan chat tab

2. Join “Rs Outreach”

3. Talk to people. Use the “/” button then what you want to say.

4. Enjoy your time there.

I have put together some pictures here. Hopefully, they will help you.


This is how you join the clan Chat. Not that hard.




Great place to hang. Remember to behave and make sure you are always on the alert for rule breaker, abusers, and hackers. The more you clean out Runescape’s  worse, the better Runescape will be for you! Have fun! Thank you.


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