The Real Dolce Vita

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If you love Italian movies and the Italian way of life, you’ll love Rimini!  Visitors who have been there have always gone back to remind themselves of this casual, yet elegant city in Italy.  The food the ambiance and the people are all so above everything else, most people who want to relax and enjoy a friendly atmosphere go to Rimini.

Did you know that this part of Italy is one of the most visited cities by the Italians themselves, and especially the youth and those who want a romantic and pictoresque getaway from everything!

There are traditional industries in Rimini, other than the city itself being a renowned seaside resort and tourist haven, which is visited on a yearly basis by millions of tourists from all over the word.  Great fishing and coast navigation tours and daily excursions are made around Rimini.  Visitors enjoy the beaches and also visit some of the historic landmarks such as ancient cathedrals and gothic churches.

Rimini is also the capital of the popular Italian seaside resorts, tourism and nightlife. On the seaside promenade there are elegant hotels, great restaurants and unique nightclubs frequented on a daily basis by all types of global visitors to Rimini.  It is also home to Federico Fellini the great Movie Director who made Italian Cinema very famous with many of his movies such as the 1969 movie called “La Dolce Vita” and in 1954 “La Strada.” He started the Neo-Realism genre of movies.

“The City Museum”, in the city of Rimini is a former convent, has 1500 works of art in 40 rooms, and these pieces date back from the 11th century.  The “Cineteca” is a library of films and movies by Federico Fellini the famous Italian film director.  Visitors can also catch an Italian movie on Friday nights in this film library. “Viserba,” an old fishing village and famous resort, is just a stone throw away from Rimini and tourists love to go there too.

Rimini today is known to some as a city in the “Adriatic Riviera,” especially since it is located on the Adriatic Sea, which itself is part of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It’s where lovers and honeymooners go all the time to get away from everyday life!


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