Playing the Dating Game

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Playing the game in the dating world can either be fun or downright horrible. So if you want to get it right, then play it right. This means that you should learn about how to attract the guy. After all, you want to keep yourself satisfied at the end of the day.

In this article, we will discuss the top 3 methods that will work for you:

  1. Play hard to get.
  2. Find out his relationship with other women.
  3. Lay off the booze, honey.

First thing on the menu is to play hard to get. You have to make him suspect you’re interested, but don`t give him his certainty. Don’t be too forward with any romantic possibilities. Instead, come across as ambivalent. Also, you know you have a number of interested suitors, so take advantage of it and use them to see how badly your prize now wants you. Men like the chase, so why not give it to him?

Next on the menu is to find out how he interacts with other women. While some women have men as a best friend, so can a man, too, have a woman as their best friend. But even if his best friend is a guy, you still want to find out if he has any platonic female friends. Men should be able to relate to women as friends and not just as sex objects.

Lastly, know your limit and don’t drink too much on a date. Because allowing your date to buy you an unlimited amount of drinks will be a big mistake. Even if it may sound nice to have your alcohol tab paid for the night, save the excessive amount of drinks with your friends. You don’t want to find yourself waking up with a horrible hangover, not remembering any of the fun you had last night. You schmooze, you lose.

These three methods have worked for me and it will work for you. And now that you know how to get it right, get out there and catch some fish in the sea. Use your newfound knowledge and keep this secret between you and your girlfriends. You don’t want to leave them out in the dark, while you get everything right for yourself, unless of course, you do…

Oh, and remember, do everything discreetly! If you play too hard, he will notice. You don’t want to end up finding out that you’ve been taken advantage of your naivety.

Take care and good luck!


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