Do You Wear A Condoms?

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Many people have realized the importance of using condoms in an effort to prevent pregnancy or protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases. However, you may also know, the average man does not like using a condom when having a sex.

They are could say, “It’s like scratching an itch”, or watching a horror movie with the sound muted. In other words, the sensation of making love will reduce, although the other could say that their sex sessions would last longer with condoms.

Actually not just men who feel the use of condoms will reduce the enjoyment of sex; because of a lot women can feel the same with a man. A lot of studies conducted by researchers reveal the decline of sexual satisfaction due to the use of condoms. The women were asked through a questionnaire, what contraception they use, and how these methods affect their sexual enjoyment. Condoms were used as scapegoats for declining enjoyment of sex.

These studies make important result, such as, the public health community that did not pay attention to the sexual experience of women in relation to methods of contraception, particularly condoms. If women think that condoms reduce sexual pleasure, they may also tend to be reluctant to use them consistently.

So, how about you????

Put a condom without interruption


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