40 Words That Will Help You Sound Smarter

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Advocate-v. to support or speak in favor of something

Bandy-v. to casually exchange words

Charisma-n. the ability to inspire enthusiasm, interest, or affection in others by means of personal charm or influence

Dastardly-adj. mean, treacherous, or cowardly

Efface- v. to remove or obliterate something

Entity-n. something that exists

Gist-n. the essential point or meaning of something

Jaded-adj. exhausted, especially through overwork

Mesmerize-v. to fascinate somebody or absorb somebody’s attention

Ogre- n. an evil monster

Begrudge- v. to dislike someone for some particular reason

Bibliophile-n. someone who collects books or other written material

Declaim-v. to make a formal or theatrical speech or statement about something

Enmity-n. extreme ill will or hatred that exists between enemies

Gaff-n. a hooked pole used to catch a large fish

Glutinous-adj. having a sticky consistency

Imbue-v. to make somebody or something rich with a particular quality

Mandarin-n. an influential member of an elite group, a ruler

Nepotism-n. favoritism shown by somebody in power to relatives and friends, especially in appointing them to good positions

Quaff-v. to drink something in large gulps or with great enjoyment

Cadaverous-adj. deathly pale to the point of resembling a skeleton or corpse

Daunt-v. to make somebody feel anxious, intimidated, or discouraged

Despot-n. a tyrant or ruler with absolute powers

Egress-n. the act of coming or going out of a place

Felicity-n. happiness or contentment

Flux-n. constant change and instability

Gird-v. to prepare yourself for conflict or vigorous activity

Gothic-adj. a style of architecture used in Western Europe between the 12th and 15th centuries

Hovel-n. a small, dirty, or poorly built house, a shack

Penury-n. extreme poverty

Allude-v. to refer to something or somebody indirectly

Beget-v. to be the cause of something

Chafe-v. to become sore or worn by rubbing

Desist-v. to stop doing something

Educe-v. to elicit or derive something

Effrontery-n. behavior or an attitude that is so bold or arrogant as to be insulting

Elite-n. a small group of people within a larger group who have more power, social standing, wealth, or talent than the rest of the group

Feign-v. to make a show or pretense of something

Glean-v. to obtain information in small amounts over a period of time

Imbibe-v. to drink something, especially alcohol


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