Investing in stocks the right way

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First thing we must understand, before you really get into investing on anything, you must be free of debts, this really helps a lot, specially when you start investing, you don’t want to worry about any debts getting in your way and time, you want to focus on making money.
If you have a job  leave some money in your checking’s account, as reserved, you never know what you might need that extra money for later on in life.

When investing you want to invest little  by  little bit, is a trial and error process, seeying what works, and what doesn’t. That way you won’t be loosing as much as if you  was to loose.

Go online find a stock trading company I would recommend Sogotrade they’re really good with their quotes,  you must have 500$ deposit in your account to make your trades. But the plus to it, is that you don’t have to pay extra like other stock trading companies to make your trade, and buy the stocks itself. Basically you invest in the price of your stocks, is all profits.Not only that but you can choose automatic investment, and it’ll do the investment for you once you have chosen the company you would like to invest.

Once you have your account setup, research a little bit about the stocks you would like to invest in of course pick a stock that has had a good background that hasn’t really gone down in prize in a 52week period.
Honestly I would recommend buy cheap stocks in large quantities, you have a higher potential of making more money in the long run.
For example if you buy a stock that’s 5 cents you buy 8,000 shares from it you’re only spending 400$ buying 8000 shares.
Realistically stocks go up and down in prices all the time, but there’s a higher percentage of a cheaper stock going up in value than loosing value when is that cheap. The reason for that, you can buy in larger quantities, and any changes that suddenly occur, it’ll all be profits. The same stock that you just invested in could  go up to 15 cents per share, and you just made 1200$ that’s 800$ more than what you originally invested in.
I really prefer to invest this way, if you think otherwise well that’s you’re decision but I rather gain more in the long run, and not take as big of a risk at loosing a lot more, even if the stock goes up to 3 more cents per share you’re still earning, it might not seem like a lot, but the larger quantities of penny stocks you have, the more it’ll benefit you towards the end.


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