How to get new additions to your blog or website noticed!

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There is nothing more heart breaking then writing a great post or adding a great new webpage to your site and then it not getting recognized. Well, this problem can be easily fixed. Firstly, make sure that you ping the webpage you just updated. This will sent search engine spiders over to your site. They will then register the information you have on the webpage and will decide if it is index worthy. If you have a blog you need to make sure you ping every single post you do otherwise the search engines won’t find out about your wonderful post that could actually be index worthy. Secondly, add the webpage to digg. Make a digg and add your website’s or blog’s link to it. The site,, is searched practically every ten seconds it is basically guaranteed that if you digg a link it will be “crawled” by search engines. This gives you a quick and easy backlink while at the same time notifying the Search Engines about your update. Finally, bookmark your site on Your bookmark will get posted on the site and this will allow anyone on the site to click your bookmark and see what a great blog or website you have. If these three tactics are followed I can guarantee you that your new additions to your site will get recognized. To make sure your site is not penalized in any way I advise you don’t do anything that involves anything blackhat. This is cruel way to make your site well known and can damage other’s. Thank you for Reading!


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