Childhood Friends

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Have you ever thought what makes somebody a friend for life? Common past? Or the same likes and dislikes in the present? Or probably the same future direction as yours? Well, maybe all the three reasons matter in life-long relationships. But one tiny reason that occurred to me soon, when I met a friend with whom we used to be together in primary school made me think about the charm of childhood friends.

I have many friends and I certainly can’t say that my childhood friends are my best friends, though some of my best friends have been with me for most of my life – starting from early childhood, through primary and secondary school. There had been periods when we didn’t see each other for a long time – either because we had a quarrel and it took some time to forgive, or simply because each of us had his or her own life and there were no intersections in our life paths.

For instance, while I was at university, a childhood friend of mine got married and had two kids. At this time we simply led very different lives and didn’t have what to tell to each other. I was busy with my studies, she was busy with her family. So there was a period of about seven years or more during which we barely saw each other at all. Then, when the kids grew up, she started working and had a life of her own, we resumed our friendship. We simply had what to talk about – our lives were not that different anymore. And we are always glad to remember the good old days!

Another friend of mine from the good old days I resumed my friendship with recently was a classmate of mine. For many years we were the best pals – attended the same school, even the same major in the same university but her boyfriend was very jealous with all the people around her and made his best to cut them off. Though we didn’t quarrel, we simply stopped seeing each other. I met new people, she stayed for a while with the guy.

Even after they split, we didn’t resume our friendship right away. I had other people around me, she had her new friends. We simply didn’t have the time and the need to see each other, although we phoned from time to time. Some time ago we met at a professional gathering and it was a very pleasant feeling to see that now we were not that different anymore, had a lot to talk about, liked the same clubs and restaurants, etc. The attitude for both of us was that he had lost something dear and now we have regained it back.

But life is like that and one has to accept it. On one hand, people change, circumstances change and even the strongest will can’t always keep friendships for life. However, as the English say: “If there is a will, there is way”, so when you really want to keep a relationship, you can always do it. And with today’s communication miracles, it is easier than ever to keep in touch.


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