When I Think of You

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Although our time together,
Has been so very short,
Our moments shared last forever,
Our feelings hard to sort,
Within you there are emotions,
They toss upon a stormy sea,
Reaching out for answers,
Your voice calls,
From far across the ocean,
Upon the warm sea breeze,
When I look into your eyes,
Deep into your soul,
I see that,
Which you covet,
The feelings you now hold,
I hear your heart crying,
For a love once here,
But now gone,
Still longing,
For his gentle touch,
His fingers gently traced,
Each and every contour,
That lay within your face,
Tongues now entwined,
As excitement builds,
Emotions once more climb,
Deep within,
Two perfect souls combine,
Rising and falling in unison,
Both keeping perfect time,
Climaxes slowly build,
Both savoring slow release,
Within your shattered heart,
His memories you still keep,
Although you love another,
It can never be the same,
For only he can calm you,
And release you from this pain,
Sometimes within the silence,
I can feel you as you cry,
But from those around you,
Your feelings you must hide,
You long for that perfect kiss,
If only one more time,
That perfect love,
That one embrace,
You seek, but never find,
Your angel,
In the heavens,
Looks down from upon high,
He comforts and cradles you,
As time creeps slowly by,
He still lives,
Inside your mind,
You feel and hold him,
For all time,
Embrace the endless love,
You shared,
For few will ever know,
That oneness and completeness,
You hold,
Deep within your soul,


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