Ways to Get Over Someone Fast

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Getting over with the hard feelings in a broken relationship was never easy. Especially if the relationship was a long one it becomes much harder to get over and start a fresh life. If it was 3 months old it’s a different thing but if it was more, say 3years or so, it seems almost impossible.  But though, there are some things you can do to speed up the process.

When you feel it hard to forget the memories of the person, sit in a room full of their memories and try to erase each one slowly. You can start with visual ones. For example, if that room has too many articles that remind you of your ex, you can get them off for a while. If you bought a pillow together it could as well stay in your store room for a while.

If taking off the articles make your room bare, this happens when it is too full of articles that remind of that person, you can simply let the smaller ones stay. Small doesn’t in the sense mean the size; it means those that can stay without causing much pain. Those things which often get you flooded with the memories of your partner should go.

To make things easier, just get those things into the store room. A vase on a table or a painting on a wall which gets you back to the memories of your ex can be kept away for a while.

Generally it’s hard to do this but if you can, think of all those bad qualities of your ex. It’s generally hard of all the methods because this is when you think most about your ex. You are going to get too many memories flashing which may be hard for you to manage. So if you get into verge of tears at just the name of your ex, then better not try this. This is going to break you more. If you can, try to think of some things which you wanted to change in your ex, probably, you might not come out with anything. But in most of the cases we all have something or the other to think of, especially if they are the ones to start the breakup.

The best way to get over is to start dating again. Some may find it shocking at this suggestion. They reason saying that they are not yet ready to get into another relationship. But, going on date doesn’t mean starting a new relationship again. It’s just a way to get away from your routine and get yourself involved with something that keeps you from thinking about your ex.


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