10 ways to spend your free time!

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  1. Geocaching: This is totally free and loads of fun to do! There’s a whole community to be found on www.geocaching.com. These people hide and seek items using GPS coordinates. You are free to look up hidden items in your area using google maps through the website of Geocaching. When you’ve found the item you can leave a reply on the website including a log and some pictures. Very fun and it gets you to places you wouldn’t normally go.
  2. Cycling or hiking: Need to get somewhere or just want to have some fun during the day? Go cycling or hiking! It’s a great thing to do when the weather allows it. Plus, you can exercise and go from A to B at the same time when you’re having fun. It’s a win-win-win situation J.
  3. Movie marathon: This is a much underappreciated way of spending your day. Especially when the weather sucks. There’s bound to be a series of movies you’ve always wanted to see. Go to the public library or video store and get them! Enjoy it with some friends and your favorite beverage and food.
  4. Make something: It can be quite fun and rewarding to build something yourself. Is there anything you don’t have at the moment which you’d like? Try and make it! You can make an oil-lamp, small furniture, bread, candy or whatever you’d like. This is fun and rewarding at the same time. Also loads of fun to do with your partner.
  5. Mini-vacation: This may require several days off but it’s totally worth it! You can choose a destination that’s not too far away but still gives you the feeling of being away from home. Maybe try something adventurous like camping in the wild? This activity will clear your mind and stress so much it will be totally worth the effort. I recommend being away from home at least 2 days. For instance, in weekend’s.
  6. Shared day off: Having trouble getting together with your friends? Suggest scheduling a day off together in the near future. After you’ve scheduled a day you can figure out what to do. If you want to build on the relationship with your friends it’s always fun to do something unusual like rafting or sailing! Giving your friendships a nice boost is always appreciated.
  7. Swimming: Most people only swim on rare occasions. Therefore it’s quite fun since its something totally different than your average day. Again, this is most fun to do with some friends. Find a fun swimming pool nearby (preferably subtropic) and don’t forget to enjoy the bubble bath with a nice cocktail J
  8. Local events: If you’re living in at least a semi-large town there’s bound to do something around there. You can check the internet or flyers for your town’s list of events. Try to visit some of them, they can be quite fun.
  9. Find a hobby: There are many fun hobbies around that can be done without spending too much money. Join introduction days at local gym’s and other public locations. You never know when you might find your next calling 😉 Try archery or handcraft’s for instance, those are quite fun.
  10. Organize a barbeque: This is a great way to talk to friends and relatives again. There’s nothing better than enjoying the weather with a nice drink and some burgers while having close people around you.

Hope you enjoy, have fun!


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