celestron upclose binoculars

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Celestron Upclose 7×35 comes with a lot of features that every person would look for in their ideal binoculars. These binoculars are available in most shopping malls and are priced at $30. The coated optics, the water resistant and rubber covered body, and the porro prism design, make Celestron Upclose 7×35 binoculars the best option available for people interested in  butterflying and birding.

When i first received these binoculars, they were packed in a thin cardboard box. They were light weight and exactly the way i had seen them on my computer screen. The length of these binoculars were 5 inches and the width was 6.5 inches, when closed.

The barrels of these binoculars seemed very strong to me. Also it was easy to grip them. They had a coating of thick rubber around the oculars, as well as the eyecups.  The tool to adjust the lens is smooth and does not stop any where in between.

I used these binoculars for a very long time, but yet they are in a good condition. I have used them for bird watching, butterflying, and numerous other purposes, and have to admit that this is the best deal i could ever get.
As a matter of fact, i ever dropped them several times, but yet they are in a good condition.

Celestron Upfront 7×35 is slowly becoming a part of my life since i am falling in love with bird watching and butterflying. The next thing i am going to do is go out for fishing with these binoculars. I am damn sure, i will be able to see fishes in shallow waters.

I rate Celestron Upfront 7×35 a 10/10.


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