The Ruminations of a Cow!

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The Ruminations of a Cow!

It is early morning. I have been ruminating what I had eaten yesterday. A combination of a haystock, rice cake, green grass and the fodder provided by my master.Don’t frown at me. I am destined to eat as quickly as possible and ruminate so leisurely hours together thereafter.Whether you like it or not, my digestive system has been designed and created in such a way that I have to necessarily ruminate lest my digestion will not be complete. What to do?

Now I ruminate about the ill treatment meted out to me and my three months old calf ever since we came here two months ago. My master purchased me and my one month old calf at Pollachi two months ago for a hefty sum from my previous master. My life had not been a rosy picture with my previous master nor it has been with my present master. Before purchasing me, my present master examined me in so many ways; checked my teeth for my age; milked me on the spot in the cattle market to ascertain my utility; talked with my previous master through a third party what they called as a middleman. It was he who fixed a price on my head as well as for my calf. You believe it or not, having purchased us from my former master, we had to walk all the way for hours together from Pollachi to my present shelter.

Ever since, I came here, my master’s wife and her daughter are so happy and they even adore me just like God. In fact she has a soft corner for me and my calf, helping us to have a bath at least once in a week; treating and respecting us with reverence. But, my master has no such reverence for us. He is rather hell bent in extracting as much milk as possible from me and encashing it.

Despite gifting away all my milk leaving only very little to my three months old calf, still I am not given a befitting treatment to what we are due; not provided with a shelter that is free from harmful insects and mosquitoes. I and my calf could not sleep properly during night. While a bulk portion of my blood is converted and milked by my master, a small portion of my blood and that of my calf is sucked by these cruel mosquitoes.We feel terribly painful as these mosquitoes bite and suck our blood. Who cares for us and mitigate our sufferings?

Though I have a shelter, it is only thatched and open. Since we are thick skinned we somewhat manage ourselves from the cold or hot wind and unhealthy climate.We have to be in the midst of an unsanitary condition, like the stench of our own urine and cow dung and they are cleaned only once in the early morning by our master’s wife.We are really greatful to her.

Ever since I gave birth to my calf, a question has been constantly haunting me.If human beings, I mean mothers are very particular in mother-feeding their children, say for a period of 6 months or one year, am I not entitled to the same privilege and right? You human beings crave for human rights, talk of human rights violation when somebody else violate your rights.Am I not entitled to the legitimate rights of an animal? I should be permitted to mother feed my cow, say, at least for a period of six months without any disturbance from you. I wish to see that my calf properly nourished and grow in a healthy way. Therefore, I wish that a moratorium should be imposed against the human beings at least for a period of six months from milking us immediately after giving birth to a calf and allow us to mother feed our calves without any disturbance whatsoever. In fact I am not asking for any favor from you, but I want only to safeguard my legitimate wish and right that I already have.

I hope that my wish will be fulfilled at least when my calf grows into a full-fledged cow. Until then I will continue to ruminate. Who can prevent me?


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