The significance of cyberspace

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Cyber space is another name for world wide web.  The intangible world of cyber space has a great significance in Internet technology.  For nearly more than a decade now, Internet technology has taken off to the highest limit of success in global trade exchange, spread of social network and in creating large pool of employment especially in the area of computer networking and in creating content on the web. Designing of graphics, animation, videos and bringing lot of colorful working on World Wide Web has tremendous potential for employment.

As a matter of fact, cyber space has space for every business, SME or a multinational or a small trader who sells even candles and toys on web.  Each trader or a company has their own working and business strategies to drive traffic to their web site.

There is no limit on memory capacity or limitation on storage of database. Traditionally we have to pay room rent for our office, meet administrative expenses and employ people to work for us. But in cyber space, we need to communicate perfectly through our web site and the rest is taken care of by cyber space.

It connects people, companies, brings new partnerships and joint ventures and the length and breadth of  the success of cyber space is immeasurable and it is extremely successful.  Cyber space is a virtual world of work for online working. It is especially used for communication, online business, online marketing, online research and to promote online education.  Email is a massive success of cyber space as it delivers large amount of text facilitating transfer of documents and speeds up communication from one place to another at a very low cost.


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