How to Avoid Getting Scammed in the Internet

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Work at home was given birth to give convenience to their employees who can’t work in the office. This is also a way for an employer to save on overhead cost. It was later then become popular in the internet and was taken advantaged by scammers.

A very common job that proliferates in the internet is data entry under home based job or also known as work at home job. Some are, surveys, typing jobs and likes, and paid to click are among the popular ones. Though some od the sites advertised are working sites that offers the aboce mentioned, it is sometimes hard to find them.

One way of detecting a genuine scam site is the income statement. When a member joins any of this program, they are promised to make money everyday at an astounding figure. They entice you with a promise of making 6-figures a month or so. Legitimate one’s may show you their rate, but no guarantee for income.

A paid survey that requires fee and promises 1000’s of dollars a day is absolutely a scam. All they are to offer are legitimate sites that actually paid and you can register for free. They make a promise of the surveys availabilty everyday while in fact it does not support their claim.

Data entry, typing jobs. While most of the legitimate sites that offers the same requires a knowledge on MS word/excell, scams promises to train. Data entry is also known as data conversion. One has to input data given either through recorded tapes/dictation or an email given. This will be transcribed in a data according to the information needed and for information clarity and readbility. Scams will just tell you to enter information then you make money. They are right in saying, enter information in a sheet, but that’s all. The truth about them is in order to make money, you have to sell their site through referral. When your referred member will pay for his/her fee, you earn. No typing or data entry really to make money.

Work at home. The mentioned types above are promising jobs that are home based. You do really work at your comfort yet your income is determined by your works. Some sites claim that with just a fraction of your effort, your income wll be higher than tose who work full-time. This is possible only for business and not for jobs.

In looking for a legitimate sites that offer home based job, look for their earning disclaimer, history, FAQ, working contact information and their warranty.


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