Save money on gas

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Walk instead of driving to nearby places, as silly as it sounds, some people just are so use to driving all the time, they don’t really walk anymore, even when driving up to a store, was the first thing that goes through your head, park closer to the store so I don’t have to walk as much.
Apply for a Chase Perfect card it saves 6% on gas purchases, credit cards are a hassle in a way, but gas cards, are good with this though, they help you save money whenever you pump at the gas station, and is a lot quicker when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. The plus to it is that once you have use the gas or something you can always pay for the card later on when the bill comes in, and you really don’t have to worry about it for the moment.

Avoid carrying excess weight on your car unless necessary, what this means is that if you have a lot of things in trunk of your car tools, or things, it could be affecting your gas mileage. Keep your tires properly inflated.

Perform oil changes every 3000 miles. Use weight of oil recommended in your car owners manual. Upgrade to synthetic oil, and k&n oil filter if available for your car, not only will this make your car run better, but it’ll also make it  perform better.
Don’t leave your car on for more than a minute. If you need to go somewhere for more than a minute turn your car off, most people have that habit they sit there and talk to a friend for more than 10 minutes, while the car is still running, if you really want to sit and talk, just turn the car of talk outside the car, and once done start the car again.
Avoid stopping your car too soon, this sucks up your gas, specially if you’re speeding and you make a sudden stop, just drive at the speed that you’re supposed to, one if you get caught speeding you’ll get a ticket, and two it’s killing your gas, if you’re really in the rush to go somewhere, leve with enough time, instead of leaving  so close to the time. Is not only putting your life in danger by speeding, but also somebody’s  else’s life in danger.
Drive with your car’s windows rolled up on the highway. Whenever you’re  traveling on the highway  to  a different city or somewhere far, use your cruise control, this will help you stay at the speed you’re supposed to instead of changing constantly.
Do a tune-up to your car every 40,000, to some people that’s just the spark plug, and wires, but include on that the oxygen sensor as well, upgrade to an air intake. It’ll cost more, but it’ll increase horse powers and it’ll help you in the long run, and if you haven’t change your car tires in 40,00 include changing your tires as well.


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