How to Clean The Inside of Computers

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  • Step 1

The first thing you need to do is go to your local wal-mart and go to the electronics or computer section and obtain a can of canned air for computer cleaning.

Step 2

Before you even think about working on a computer, shut it down and unplug it from the outlet.Now you need to locate the two screws on the back of your computer that are holding the side panel in place. Once you remove these two screws you should be able to slide the panel on the left side of your computer, if you’re facing the computer, off.If you haven’t ever cleaned your computer you will probably see a lot of dust. Make sure not to touch any components inside the computer. The danger is that you may cause static electricity to fry one or several of your computers parts. Dust actually helps conduct static electricity so this is part of the reason you want to remove it. The dust also causes your computer to heat up more and this raises the risk for component damage.Now that you’ve seen how dusty your computer is you should tilt it slightly with the open side down and spray the can of air in the dusty areas.

Step 3

Once you’ve cleaned the inside of the computer replace the panel and the screws. You should also inspect the power supply fan to see it has a lot of dust and if it does use the can of air on it too.


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