Getting over a relationship

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There’s a lot of different things that a person can do to keep their mind occupied, without having to think as much of that person, I really hate to hear the word I can’t is too hard I love them too much.
I feel like that’s just excuses the person is making, if you put your mind to do anything, anything is possible.
A couple of things that a person can do to keep their mind occupied, and not to think of the person as much are, you go out with friends have a good time going to the movies, a club, a mall, things that you like to do, that you really couldn’t do before. As much as a person can say could do that before I didn’t really had to worry about anything, that’s mostly a lie, is not the same really, you feel like you miss them, but sometimes you might feel a relieved. Set  up goals in life do things you couldn’t do before, sometimes when you’re with somebody you hold yourself from been who you are, just so you can be part of that person. Meet new people, socialized more, get together with that person if you get to know them good enough share activities with that person.                      Think good of yourself. Know that you’re good enough even if the other relationship didn’t work o well that’s life better things will come. Just don’t let it bother you and get to you. Be coincided in a way. If no one tells you that you look good, tell yourself that you do, and know that you do. This will keep your self esteem up and is really good in life to feel good about yourself without relying on someone else to make you feel that way.
Focus on life itself  and in your goals.


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