The truth about the fitness industry

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The reality of the fitness industry is that many of the exercises can be duplicated at home using conventional weights, and by walking, running, swimming and bicycling. Unfortunately, many newbies go there with the mistaken impressions that they’ll look like Greek gods or goddesses. Many only work out for a few months and leave in frustration because they didn’t come out looking like them. Gym owners and managers care little because there’s always somebody new coming in to take their place. Health clubs can be just money-machines for their owners, and continue to remain a huge business. The entertainment and modelling industry reinforces this belief by portraying “ideal” shapes for men and women.

It is an absolute truth that gyms are a huge business, raking in large sums, not just through members’ dues, but through many side businesses like personal training and rehab. Their job is to get as many people signed on as possible, even though there can never be enough space and equipment for all those to join. The rate of attrition is what many health clubs look at-simple as that. Many will stay less then a few months and leave, disenchanted over size, shape and conditioning. The gyms simply do not care…the bottom line…the bottom line.

Worse yet, the elitist attitude about looks, weight, shape and conditioning pervades the health clubs, pressuring people to train way too hard-leading to injury and burnout. Little cliques can form in these clubs, centered on the so-called “ideal” way one should look. It’s like real women looking for the right size and finding everything way too small for certain fashion designs. If one comes into a gym not looking absolutely “hot”, one could be shunned and ostracized. Gyms are so guilty of this, being symptomatic of something larger and more ominous in our society.

Fortunately, the tide is starting to turn and health clubs are becoming a little bit more understanding in the way they handle customers. But that’s been out of a changing, evolving society that has tired of women starving themselves to be an “ideal” weight and young men seemingly training themselves to death working out at the gyms. Clubs are starting to become aware of this and starting to adjust things accordingly at the gym. But there is a huge way to go yet, and the ruination of many has yet to be fully dealt with…and resolved.

Health clubs are shifting to meet the demands of a changing attitude amongst people everywhere-following in tandems the changes that are well under way everywhere else, in the modelling, entertainment, and personality industries. Maintining the bottom line demands a shift in attitude and thinking. Additionally, men and women are no longer necessarily training to be part of the “Beautiful people” set. They’re doing it to be more healthier, and feel better about themselves, whether they shape and sculpt themselves or not.


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