50 Cent’s Best Songs

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He’s no lyrical genius and while his popularity has dipped since the 2002-2003 explosion 50 cent still makes some catchy songs. Let’s explore my favorites.


Be Good To Me– This is a G-Unit song off of the Return off the Body Snatchers mixtape. The beat is smooth I believe it was originally made by Kanye West, the sample provides the basis for the hook. Lloyd Banks is the highlight of the song but I love 50’s voice over telling a woman to gointo the bathroom and eat the pills.

In My Hood: The Massacre- 50’s comes out with a vicious track depicting life in Southside Queens.
“I’m observant in my hood these n-‘ s be dumbin’ “

Cocaine: War Angel LP- It starts out with the I can’t feel my face scene from the movie Blow. The song is a remake of Robin Thicke’s Cocaine and his vocals support 50’s flow beautifully. It’s short with a sing-song 50 part towards the end.

I Smell Pussy: Beg For Mercy- Another G-Unit track that starts with a taunt towards Ja Rule and Murder Inc. “I wonder when I’m gone do you miss me? Or do you miss that Don Perignon or the Cristy?”

Stretch Armstrong Freestyle: Guess Who’s Back- “But I need y’all n’s to get off my dick. My description in three words real witty cat.”

Lil Bit: Massacre- Nice club song with hypnotic middle eastern sounds.

Poor Lil Rich: Get Rich Or Die Tryin’- 50 talking about going from poor to rich. “I’m fresh up out the slamma I ain’t no F’n Bama I’m from NY whodie but I know Country Grammar”

Funeral Music: This diss track was aimed at Cam’ron. The beef seemed short lived however but 50 is boasting as hard as he ever did, “Worship the ground I walk on I make mils off the tracks I talk on it’s King!” The beat sounds great and has a catchy hook.

Corner Bodega: Power of the Dollar- 50 tells a story of a coke deal while it’s going down. It’s a very short track but he manages to threaten Mayor Giuliani for increasing the police presence and messing up his coke deals, I thought it was funny.

Be a Gentleman: Guess Who’s Back- 50’s gives response to Jay-Z’s jab at him. “If I shoot you I’m famous if you shoot me you’re brainless you said it yourself.”

I’m Leaving: Return of the Body Snatchers- G-Unit collab. Lloyd Banks- “Radio caters to pop not violent hits the Unit ain’t fall off it’s all politics.” 50 shout WE THE BEST shots are thrown at Kahled and Fat Joe.

The Hit: Power of the Dollar- One of my favorites off this album.

Cruising Music: Sincerely Yours, Southside- Fif raps over an Isley Brothers track. Two verses and lets the Isley track play in it’s entirety. “I got a hustlin’ habit I don’t smoke my profits instead I spend my time exchanging stock tips.”

Many Men: Get Rich or Die Tryin’- One of his best songs. “He got hit like I got hit but he ain’t f’n breathin.”

U Should Be Here:50 Cent is the Future- G-Unit collab over a popular song, which was the mixtape formula after his shooting.

Straight to the Bank: Curtis- Song about how rich he is but it’s catchy.

Ghetto Qu’ran: Power of the Dollar- 50 gives a run through of his neighborhood’s crack dealing history, might have said too much. Some say it’s why he got shot, being to defiant.

Just Fuckin’ Around: 50 Cent is the Future- He raps over two separate beats. “When I make it to Heaven I’ll probably be in this bitch lonely, walking around saying everybody in Hell know me.”

Hustler’s Ambition-: Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Soundtrack- Powerful track that make you want to go out and get your money.

Heat: Get Rich or Die Tryin’- 50 goes into killer mode, he’ll kill you and he ain’t playin.

Wanksta:Get Rich or Die Tryin’- Ja Rule’s demise.

Realest N’s: Features a few verses from Biggie. “When I was young my M-O was to go hand to hand even my P-O she called me the gingerbread man.”

Da Repercussions: Power of the Dollar- “If I don’t eat nobody eats”

Get the Money: Forever King- Remix of Hoarce Brown’s song from the 90’s.

Straight Out of Southside: TOS- Short group track reminiscent of Straight out of Compton.

As the World Turns: Guess Who’s Back- 50 raps with a southern accent on this collab with UGK.

I’m a Hustler: Power of the Dollar- My favorite track on this album. “In the feds you do 85% of your time so if you get ten you’ll damn near do nine.”

The Good Die Young: Power of the Dollar- “I actually write what I do and see the felonies from day to day make me say what I say.”

Bad News: G-Unit track, “Record execs know not to play with my check I’ll come through and put my knife in that vein in your neck.” Lloyd Banks steals the show with the first verse however.

Piggy Bank: Massacre- Clickity clank clickity clank.

Rowdy Rowdy: Power of the Dollar- “You thought she was campin’ son I was in the Hamptons.”

Ryder Music: Massacre- Laid back track, Fif sounds great.

I Fucked Your Girl: Elephant in the Sand- Remix of I Loved Your Girl.

What Up Gangsta: Get Rich or Die Tryin- “I’m not the type that get knocked for DWI, I’m the type that kill your connect when the coke price rise.” Beat hits hard.

Places to Go: 8 Mile Soundtrack- He’s not going back to jail but people can still get dealt with.

In Da Club: Get Rich or Die Tryin’- Probably the biggest rap song ever. Everyone knows it.

Get in My Car: Massacre- Interesting beat.

Your Life’s on the Line: Power of the Dollar- Goes after the competition. “Here’s a list of MC’s that can kill you in 8 bars 50 um… Jay-Z and Nas.”

I Get Money: Curtis- This song saved his album after a string of disappointing singles that didn’t catch on.

21 Questions: Get Rich or Die Tryin’- Ok the fat kid loves cake line is wack. But it’s still a smooth song.

I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy: Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Soundtrack. “I’m up early in the morning tryin to make a move.” I love working out to this song.

Get Out the Club: Guess Who’s Back- He goes after girls in the club who only bs and give out fake numbers.

U Not Like Me: Guess Who’s Back- “Momma said that everything that happens to us is part of God’s plan so at night when I talk to him I got my gun in my hand/ Don’t think I’m crazy cause I don’t fear man but I fear when I kill a man God won’t understand.”

Ski Mask Way: Massacre- Disco D’s beat is amazing too bad he died, he had talent.

Redrum: War Angel LP- Great mixtape track.

When it Rains it Pours: Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Soundtrack- This was his character’s song in the semi-autobiographical movie. The rain pouring, the slow beat, is just perfect.


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