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Drinking a fine sparkling wine is one of lifes  truest pleasures, six ot the best  champagnes,  money  can buy.  rated  nunber 1 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne  vintage only.An  exceptionally good  rose champagne.Taittinger also makes a fine  blan de blancs and a nonvintage brut. Number2  DOM Perignon  vintage only.This is probably the most widely acclaimed  champagne, and  deservedly so,Elegant and light,  with  delicate bubbles.The producer also makes uner its Moet et Chandon name,a vintage champagne,a nonvintage champagne and a nonvintage brut.Number3  Perrier-Jouet Fleur de  Champagne-vintage only.This house produce champagne of the highest quality in a particularly popular style.THE wine s austere  yet tasteful.It is also  extremely dry without being harsh or acidic.Perrier-Jouet also produces a rose champagne.Number4 Louis Roederer Cristal -vintage  only.Cristals magic lies in its plays with opposites; Elegant yet robust,rich taste without weightiness.Roederer also produces a sparkling rose, a vintage  champagne and a nonvintage brut. Number5 Bollinger Vieilles vignes Francaises vintage only.This is the rarest of all fancy champagnes.Its vines  have  existed  since before phylloxera (a plant louse) killed most French grapvine in the mid -1800s.The wine is roust and rich-flavored.Bollinger also makes a vintage champage and   a non vintage brut.NUMBER6 Dom Ruinart BLanc de Blancs -vintage only. Produced by Dom Perignon in REims rather than in Epernay,it is held in low profile so  as  not to compete strongly with its illustrious coproduct but is  every bit     as good.The wine is light(not  thin),complex, very alive, yet velvety.Best American Beers / The  quality of beers varies almost as widely as the quality of wine—— but the difference in price  between  the  worst and the best is far narrower.Unlike wine, taste is the  ultimate test. How to tell a fine beer  by sight: Use a tulip-shaped glass or a large brandy snifter. The beer should be at about 50f (a  bit warmer than refrigerator  temperature).Pour it  straight down the center of the glass.Side pouring is necessary only if the beer has been  jostled or insufficiently chiled, Now look for the three visual signs of excellence,, Number 1 Small bubbles that continue to rise for several minutes.Number2 A dense head one-and -one-half  to two inches high,that lasts.NUMBER3  No  trace of cloudiness. after drinking,look for the clear Brussels lace tracery that should remain on the inside of the  glass.Best american beers Anchor Steam Beer (San  Francisco) New Amsterdam Amber Beer (NYC)  Best dark beers.Prior Double Dark Beer,  Sierra Nevada Porter Beer,  Sierra Nevada Stout. Best Beers to go with meals Kronenbourg (from France)  Kirin (from Japan) To buy and store beer….Be sure the bottles are filled  to within one-and one-half inches the top.Buy bottles instead of cans.Avoid twist-cap bottles if  possiable. Try to buy refrigerated beer that has.. not been exposed fluorescent light.. Store bottles upright at 40F to 50F .Avoid agitating the  bottles in   transit or in storage.(For example, do not put them on the door shelves of a refrigerator,)  Do not store beer for long  periods.DO not quick-chill beer  in the freezer.


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