Why you should try winter travel

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I travel in winter for several reasons.

* The prices are lower in the off season, for flights and attractions.

*You have the tourist areas to yourself which are usually over crowded in the summer.

*Not only do I travel in the winter but I also go to the areas that are normally cold anyway, as I figure, with all the global warming, the cold areas are the ones that we may not have in the future. So try Iceland, Scandinavia, Alaska or Canada.

*I live in a warm climate and so I like to see something that is different to what I am used to.

*When I go on holiday I normally don’t lie around on beaches anyway, as I like to see and do things, and a winter holiday gives me that opportunity. Since I have been taking vacations in the winter I have tried husky sled riding; riding Arctic Horses through a forest in the snow; seen the Northern Lights; snow mobile riding; skiing and other winter sports.

*The same applies if you are going to a well know city in the winter. There are no crowds and good prices.

*If you time it right you will also catch the post-Christmas sales!

*There is no problem finding a vacant hotel room or seat on the flight you want, as fewer people are traveling.

But the real reason is to experience that crystal clean fresh air feel that winter brings with it, and to soak up what really is a winter wonderland. The only minus can be if amenities are closed for the winter or if you come from a cold climate, in that case I understand you not wanting to go from the cold to the cold, so try visiting locations that are less obvious to the tourist herds. Try Israel!


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