Electronic Cigarattes-A Better Option For Smokers

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With the introduction of electronic cigarettes, also known as e cigarettes, in 2007 the path has been cleared for smokers everywhere to explore, a less harmful alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes.  In fact the demand for electronic cigarettes has increased so dramatically in the past year alone, that makers of electronic cigarettes are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up!

Manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarettes are marketing and endorsing this terrific new option for smokers as a “healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.”  And, indeed they really are.  Although they have not received FDA approval, and in fact neither have conventional cigarettes, the contents of the new electronic cigarette contain only twenty ingredients as opposed to the thousands of chemicals and carcinogens contained in regular cigarettes.  The e-cigarette does not contain tobacco or tar, like conventional cigarettes.  Although electronic cigarettes can contain nicotine, it is completely up to the user how much nicotine they inhale, if any.  Makers of the e-cigarettes have made the nicotine cartridges available in varying strengths, from High nicotine content cartridges on down to Zero nicotine content cartridges!  It’s completely up to the individual.

With the ever increasing restrictions, laws and total bans some communities have been placing on smokers of conventional cigarettes, the introduction of the electronic cigarette really has opened doors to smokers that had previously been shut on them. Now, users of the electronic cigarette can “smoke” at work, the grocery store or even at the airport!  These are now options for smokers of regular cigarettes because of the e-cigarette.  You see, with an electronic cigarette there is no actual smoke, there is no actual fire, and there is no tobacco, so the air remains as fresh as it was before the electronic cigarette user “lights” up!  There is no second-hand smoke to contend with and also no odors left behind as with regular tobacco cigarettes!

The electronic cigarette units, consist of three basic components; a rechargeable battery, an atomizer, and the nicotine cartridge.  The batteries are compact and are also wired to simulate the “cherry” on the end of a conventional cigarette.  When the user inhales on the electronic cigarette, the action heats up the air that is flowing into the device, which vaporizes the nicotine solution and delivers it to the user.   Many makers of the electronic cigarette are not only offering the e-cigarette to conventional cigarette smokers, but are also offering electronic cigars, electronic pipes and even “pen style” electronic cigarettes. 

The advantages of using the electronic cigarette are numerous.  Not only does it allow smokers the freedom of using it almost anywhere (airplane use is not advisable for obvious reasons), it also eliminates a lot of the stigma associated with conventional smoking in general.  No more scornful looks from co-workers as you excuse yourself to retreat outdoors for a quick puff.  Now you can indulge right in the comfort of your cubicle or office, and no one is the wiser!  Now, when you go out for a night of food and beverages you can actually sit in the non-smoking section of your favorite restaurant or bar, and enjoy your electronic cigarette with the knowledge that you are no longer a member of the “persecuted smokers” group!

Oh, and did I mention that in addition to the various styles the units are available in, the nicotine cartridges are offered in a plethora of flavors?  How about orange, vanilla, clove, menthol, cherry, peach or for the less adventurous, tobacco flavored!  Besides the ease of use, styles and variety of flavors offered, the best feature of all is that they are tobacco and tar free, truly making them  a “healthier alternative” for conventional smokers everywhere!

                                                                        By, Dianna Reed-Shay

                                                                                                September 12, 2009


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