skiing on the slopes

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most people skiing is just for teenage bums these days but their wrong skiing is so great feeling the wind go down your back it just full of so many thrills!the best time to learn how is in march becuase the snow is very grippy and easy to turn but not great for is so good for the kids as well because the burn so energy and let me tell you they just about fall on the floor. i will warn you though one time me and my bud went down the half pipe he wipped out and broke his collar bone so before you decide to head out i would take 1-2 set of lessons at least because the more you know the safer you are!if you want to know what kind of skis to get i recommend rossignals

fast fun and trusty the are. for boots  any really but no rear entry because on impact they are more comfy used becasue they are broken in already so none of my feet hurt type deals. after you know what your doing i would a season pass so when ever you want to go you can . i got one last year and went around 70 times

but without a pass it costs around 10$ to get in. if you become a little hard core like me that gets to be alot

where i took lessons i got a day pass to so i could spend the day and ski after my lesson trust me that is such a good deal!


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