How to Sell Your Junk and Make Money

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  1. Step One: Consider opening an eBay or Amazon account. Be sure you understand that eBay will charge you for each item you decide to sell while Amazon only charges you a one time fee. However both will charge commission. Another drawback is you will have to pack and ship your items. Amazon does however, give you some credit for packing and shipping your items. Remember that you will usually be required to ship your items within two business days of their purchase. 

    Step Two: Make a posting on Craigslist. Find your area and post as many postings as you like for free. Someone will email you if they are interested in your item and you would meet them up to exchange the item and the cash. This is done through direct contact completely through email, phone or both. A big pro about Craigslist is that it is completely free. However, beware of receiving junk emails from people that aren’t even interested in buying your item. Also beware of flakes. 

    Step Three: Social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook also offer classified sections. This is a plus because you probably already have a myspace or facebook. Myspace offers an app called “Classifieds” by Oodle Web Developers where you can post ads in your area. Facebook also has an app called “Marketplace” where you can post ads in your area. This is a lot like craigslist. Your friends, as well as other people, will be able to see what you are selling. This is also done through email or messaging through the social networking site. 


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