How To Pay Less For Your Textbooks

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Step One: Go to your school bookstore. Note and record how much each book you need costs. It’s helpful to note both the used and new prices.

  1. Step Two: Find another textbook store near and around your school. There are usually independently owned textbook stores who are conveniently located around your school. For example, Mt San Antonio College in Walnut, CA has a textbook store right across the school in the same shopping complex as Jack in the Box. These stores compete with the school, often selling their books for a little less than the school.

    Step Three: is another way to find textbooks for cheap. Used textbooks are usually less than what the bookstore will charge. Finding older versions of your book is also easy and helpful if your teacher also lets you buy an older version of the book.

    1. Step Four: Another option is to rent your textbooks. You can do this online at sites such as The only bad thing about this is you must return your textbook after your class is over. If you like keeping your books even after the class has ended, this might not be the best option for you. 

      1. Step Five: Look around your school for bulletin boards or flyers made by fellow students trying to sell their old textbooks. They’ll usually try to sell their textbooks at a slightly lower price when compared to the school bookstore’s price. Look in different buildings for certain books. For example, if you are looking for a math book, go to your school’s math building and look for flyers there.


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