How to Know If a website is a scam or Not

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Google  the name of the website and write scam or not. It will tell you a little bit more about it as far as if people have used it, and if it’s  a scam, or  not.
Look throughout different forum’s and places to find out if more people know about this website, and if they have used it before and how they benefit from it. Even though if a website is fairly new sometimes, someone has to at least have used it you know, the internet is worldwide, and even if a person doesn’t know about one thing, there will always be someone else that does know about it.
Verify that the website has a lock in the bottom, if it does, is mostly a trusted site.
Always look for websites that offer a lot of information in what you have to do, how long the website  has been going for,  a website that has a forumn and offers information from other users.
Make sure that if you’re interested in the website, that the website can offer payments through paypal, just in case you’ll be safer this way.

Never join a website that offers you a lot of free things, but mainly asks you for a credit card or social security number.
If a website has had several  supposebly proofs testimonials of the same amount of money from different users, you have an idea that something is not right, not everyone can have the same results that someone else has. It might be the same person disguised as someone else half of the time. If it offers you that you’re going to be rich in a small amount of time, and charges you a small fee, and is making comparison to other websites, or programs or anything else related to it, than it is  a perfect scam right there.


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